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Aspirations For Young Men Program:
The Aspirations For Young Men Program was established in 2009-2010 at Guerin Prep High School for the purpose of addressing both the present and future academic and career preparation of our young men. The Program has its goals the following objectives:
*An Annual Career Day program will allow a forum for both Holy Cross and Guerin Prep male alumni to meet with, speak about, and discuss students’ college/university preparation at the high school level to better prepare the students for post-high school requirements and career aspirations.
*The program has as its intention the reinforcement of self-leadership, independent responsibility, and mature decision-making in preparation for students’ academic choices at the high school level in order to meet college standards and career requirements in the future.
*A mentorship program will be established, allowing students to connect to both alumni speakers and other alumni individuals for further advisement about specific academic and career choices.
*Students will be exposed to various key-note speakers and symposiums on topics and issues that are significant to their future readiness for college/university life and preparation for the work place.
*By nature of the program’s processes, alumni classes will be building a stronger, supportive bond between the two founding schools of Guerin Prep, allowing alumni to share their experiences and skills with younger generations to come.
*Overall, the Aspirations For Young Men Program will be a continuing process to expose students to their potential and achievement of goals key to the success of their academic and career futures. Students will come to understand the value of their present dedication and effort as young high school adults and its effect upon their later academic, persona, and professional lives.

Women’s Leadership Program:
The purpose of the Educating Women for Leadership & Life Program is to provide a program for the young women of Guerin Prep High School to empower them as strong young women, and be one that allows them to unite with each other and discuss and learn about topics and issues that affect young women in today’s world.
The two major components of the Program are the bi-annual symposiums, one being held in the fall and the other in the spring, and the Mentoring program. The symposium component allows the young women to hear multiple speakers from different backgrounds and professions. These speakers give the young women a glimpse into the life beyond the doors of Guerin Prep. Having the speaker based symposiums also allows our young women to engage and converse with the speakers about their specific backgrounds and careers.

The mentor component of the program allows our young women to be set up one-on-one with an Alumni of Mother Guerin or Guerin Prep based on the young women’s career aspirations. The mentor/mentee relationship is beneficial to the young women because it provides them the opportunity to inquire about their specific career interests, and also allows for more in depth conversation than the speaker based symposiums.

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