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As the world becomes increasingly global and more connected, students will attend college and work alongside individuals from a wide variety of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and faiths. Through the international experience program, Guerin Prep is exposing students to a multicultural educational experience, providing them with the tools to appreciate and understand different perspectives. These tools will make them better prepared to navigate and succeed in a world in which it has become imperative to be culturally well-versed.

Guerin College Preparatory High School has partnered with Greater Chicago International Academy (GCIA) to offer the Guerin experience to international students. 

Greater Chicago International Academy (GCIA)is a new, innovative, residential school for international students preparing to embark on their undergraduate studies at American universities. By partnering with local top high schools, GCIA provides opportunities for students to develop their English skills and to learn about American culture through both classroom learning and interactive extra-curricular activities.

Guerin currently has students enrolled from China and Mexico.  For more information contact our Mr. Pecoraro

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Our Unique Approach


International students are completely integrated into life at Guerin Prep. They take classes, play sports, and participate in other school activities with the local Guerin Prep students. 

This opportunity to broaden their perspective to encompass a more global vantage point is an invaluable experience for high school students as they are forming critical values, opinions and expectations related to the world and their future.


How do I apply

Prospective Students can apply to Guerin Prep by downloading our International Student Application.

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Student Demographics

Asian 12%
African American 7%
Caucasian 43%
Hispanic 38%
Catholic 85%
Non Catholic 15%
Female 148
Male 152



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