Saint Mother Theodore Guerin
Guerin College Preparatory High School was established in 2004. The school sits on the campus of its founding schools, Holy Cross High School for boys and Mother Theodore Guerin High School for girls. The founding schools were opened in 1961 and 1962, respectively. The Brothers of Holy Cross and Sisters of Providence ran each school separately but with shared values and traditions.
Today, Guerin Prep benefits from the combined rich histories of its founding schools, and continues to instill the same values in its students. The high school sits on 23 acres at the corner of 80th and Belmont in River Grove. Nearly 20,000 students from Northwest Chicago and the surrounding suburbs have graduated from the schools in the past 50 years.

Following in the Footsteps of a Saint

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin is the eighth United States saint. She was canonized on Oct. 15, 2006. She is the namesake of our school and foundress of the Sisters of Providence.
One of Saint Mother Theodore’s sayings was "Love the children first, then teach them." This is a guiding principle at Guerin Prep.

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