Art is Alive

The arts are essential to human existence. When people create in sounds, images, gestures and words, they discover ways to shape and share their thoughts and feelings with others. The arts enrich the quality of life.

All students deserve access to the arts through creation, performance and study. Guerin Prep provides that access through curricula focused on the Illinois Learning Standards in the Fine Arts which address the language of the fine arts, sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive qualities and how the arts are similar, different or related to each other.

Guerin students also learn about production and performance in the arts and the role of the arts in civilization. When students study the arts at Guerin, they become informed audience members and informed consumers of the popular culture including electronic media. Guerin Prep’s Fine Arts Program defines a comprehensive arts education and reflects a commitment to a quality education for every Guerin Prep student.

Guerin Prep students explore and cultivate their creative sides through our comprehensive Arts Program. Students may choose to take courses and get involved in after school activities in Band, Strings, Piano, Choir, Theatre, Dance, Photography, Visual Arts, and Ceramics. There are also Practical Arts courses in Foods and Child Development.

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